3 Ways Google Plus Help Small Businesses

3 Ways Google Plus Help Small Businesses

Google Plus (Google+) is the second most popular social networking platform after Facebook. In fact, Google+ is estimated to have over 2 billion registered users world-wide. Your Google+ page represents as your brand’s identity online.

The first thing to know about Google+ is what makes it different. In addition to the sharing and up-voting (in this case, “+1’ing”) that you may already be familiar with, Google+ has a unique “circling” concept that allows you to segment the people you connect with into groups. Groups might be customers, work colleagues, brands, friends, etc., and you can choose what to share with each group.

Google+ also places a heavy focus on video chatting or “Hangout.” People can use Hangout with their friends and family, and brands can take advantage of Hangout with fans and advocates in a webinar-style presentation or to even talk face-to-face.

  1. Help Improve Your Search Results Rankings

Today, Google is the most used search engine by people who search for information, products or services online. Google is also the leader in search results rankings. They update its algorithms regularly that determine which website or pages show up on the top of the search results. Thus, posting and sharing valuable content on this platform makes it easier for your content to be indexed by Google. The more content you have indexed, the more valuable Google perceives your site, thus increases your local online visibility and traffic.

  1. Help Promote Brand Awareness

When a potential customer search for a business like yours, the Google+ profile appears right at the top of the search results, which really helps for potential customers to click and have a look on your page and promote brand awareness.

You can also add the google+ badge to your website which helps you increase your audience on Google+. Your website visitors can simply click on the badge and add you directly to their Circles on Google+ and +1 your page—all without leaving your site. It’s as simple as adding a snippet of code, which you can find at https://developers.google.com/+/plugins/badge/config.

Don’t forget to get your website visitors excited about your Google+ page. Show pictures or even videos of your page, and make it easy for them to start following you by referring to the Google+ badge.

3. Encourage Community Engagements

Setting up a Google+ page provides an efficient result from your communities. When you share suitable contents such as news updates, event announcements, and special offers and discounts, you can build a following and keep customers coming back. This way, it increases the possibilities to get +1s, replies and reshares and get more engagements. In essence, it can inspire different users to have a healthy discussion over your content and endorse them on their Google+ pages and throughout the web.

Quick & Easy Tips For Google+ Business Newcomers (By Marketing Land)

  • Design cover photos with responsive design in mind! Without the proper design elements and dimensions in mind, cover photos can look funky due to Google’s responsive design on Google+ pages.
  • Use hashtags in your posts when you’ve got a buzzworthy topic! Google+ will also automatically include hashtags when appropriate, so think about keywords when writing your content and updates.
  • Encourage reviews from your customers on Google+. Reviews increase the authority of your Google+ page and increase the likelihood of ranking well in the local search carousel.
  • Unlike Facebook, Google+ allows you to upload animated GIFs. If your audience is into that kind of stuff, do it!
  • Stay active and add influential people and pages to your circles. +1 and comment on other people’s and pages’ content on Google+ and often they will reciprocate. The more activity and engagement you receive on your content, the more cumulative +1s you receive, and the better Google treats you in search results!
  • Make sure to connect your page with your website.  If you make it easy for people to know you’re on Google+ and connect with you, the +1s will come!

In the world of digital marketing, Google+ as one of the platforms of Google is something that you absolutely cannot ignore. Share your views and comments regarding the blog. Leave your queries if you have any.

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