Choosing The Right Digital Marketing Agency in Hong Kong

In an rapidly changing digital landscape, how do you know which digital marketing agency is the right choice for your business needs? With the uprising number of reputable digital marketing agencies in Hong Kong, it’s seems to be a quite challenging task for you to find one that suits your business requirements. The best way to ensure you establish a partnership with an agency that will bring results, is to find one that has a good track record of doing [...]

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How Online Reviews Contribute To Your SEO Ranking

If you have a business and run a website, ranking to the top of the search engine is likely one of your main goals. SEO helps you achieve it through the right execution of strategies that increase local visibility and website traffic! But did you know that review signals account for 9.8% of the total ranking factors? This means that reviews cannot be ignored. As search engines work to build a better online experience for users, online reviews have [...]

Leverage Graphic Design to Grow Your Business

In this very digital age, most companies are successful in their marketing strategies through using professional graphic design and marketing materials to increase customers and future sales. People like nice pictures and it is critical for your business to create a good visual contents to grab customers’ attention, keep them hooked and persuade them make a decision to purchase on your business. There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Sure, it’s a cliché but that cliche is [...]

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Content Marketing: Why Headlines Are So Important

Headlines are really the most important part of your content marketing. It is the most critical piece of information in your content marketing strategy. Content is ultimately what every user is searching for in every search engine especially in Google to find the best answers to their questions, as quickly as possible.  And your headlines are your biggest opportunities to connect with your prospective customer so you need to get them right. Headlines should never be vague, generic, or anything less than [...]

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The Importance Of Mobile Friendly Websites

In a world that is rapidly turning digital, it’s common for daily personal and business interactions to take place through a mobile device. In general, mobile consumption is on the rise and it is important to optimize your site to be mobile friendly. A mobile-friendly website is formatted to properly display on smaller screens (such as smartphones and tablets). Mobile devices are very handy and can be used anytime, anywhere. You can use this to your advantage by making your website more accessible. [...]

5 Reasons Why Live Chat is Important for Your Website

No matter the size of your business, good customer service is an essential part of any business. In today's highly competitive business environment and increased use of the Internet, users in general expect a fast and instant support from businesses online. To stay up with latest trends in digital technology, it is important for a business to use a Live Chat in their website to offer customer service to their web visitors. Live chat is a platform that allows businesses [...]

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Effect of Page Speed on Users

Have you ever wondered about the effect of slow page speed of your website on users? Page speed is a measurement of how fast the content on your page loads. Page loading time is obviously an essential factor of any website’s user experience. Today, users have little or no patience for websites with slow load speed or poor performance. With so many sites at their fingertips, users will choose to stick into a websites with fast page speed rather than [...]

How to Craft an Effective Landing Page

An effective landing page is the foundation of successful online marketing. It is something that CONVERTS! In creating an ad online, the main goal is to make people visit your page after they go through your ads and you want them to take action. That's exactly what a landing page does for you. A good, persuasive landing page grabs the attention of visitors and compels them to complete a conversion. Some of us might be familiar with the term landing [...]

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Should You Hire A Separate Designer and Developer for your Website?

The process of building an effective website is no longer just throwing up some WordPress, buying a domain, and hitting publish. Creating a website doesn't only have to be great but also should be effective at generating traffic. Both web designer and developer need to work together and communicate effectively in order to achieve both of these goals. Should you hire a web developer and designer separately? A website determines whether you should hire a web developer and designer separately [...]

Are Design Project Deadlines Important?

Everyone reciprocates to a deadline differently. A business person thrives on deadlines, it is very important and challenging for them to rise to the occasion. Others see them as a source of anxiety and pressure that can slow down their creative process. Successfully designing websites on a budget means that you have to beat project deadlines in order to keep within allocated time schedules. It doesn’t matter what type of projects you work on, if you can beat a deadline you’ll be in [...]