Ecommerce Website Design

We cannot deny that nowadays; ecommerce is the emerging trend almost everywhere in the world. Internet and technology enables us to collaborate on pretty much anything and everything if we want to. Ecommerce introduced us to a more convenient world, from purchasing items to bringing your company closer to the clients.

On a traditional basis, when we want to buy something, we still have to go to a certain store or roam around different stores to find what we are looking for. Isn’t it time-consuming and energy killing? For a lot of customers, it is surely a yes! So, does ecommerce could be of help with this hassle? Here are some of the many advantages of ecommerce for customers and for businesses as well:

  • Making your business accessible with everyone who are surfing the net
  • Marketing your products 24/7
  • Low operational cost with a quality service
  • Gain more customers online
  • Provide plenty of information to your services

Ecommerce in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a leading global center for trade, finance, business, and communication. Currently, there are 3.64 million e-commerce users in the country and expected to reach 4.446 million by 2020. It is certain, with these number of users, that e-commerce is a viable marketing platform to advertise and engage your brand to the market leaving room for sustainable growth.

E-commerce has revolutionized traditional marketing and it provides every consumer a convenient way for purchasing a product. Through e-commerce site, business can now expand their limits and gain direct access to foreign business opportunities reaching more customers, driving more traffic and sales.

E-commerce in Hong Kong is constantly changing and improving. Therefore, businesses should adapt with the changes to stay ahead in the competitive market.

Why Trust Visible One?

Developing and redesigning an ecommerce website is not an easy task, and if you want to have a successful one for your business, you need to seek the help of a partner that is professional and experienced in providing businesses the best ecommerce web design solutions. Visible one has a strong background in ecommerce website design and development. We simplify everything for you, we are here to manage every aspect of ecommerce web design and development.

We provide:

 Lower Set Up Fees

Lower Set Up Fees

Low cost but well-built ecommerce websites that increase conversion rates and online visibility.
 User Friendly


Providing an easy and flexible experience for your customers while they are searching the products that they’re interested in.
 Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly

Your customer can purchase your products with no trouble using any kind of mobile devices.

The Characteristics of E-commerce Website

Many businesses wanted a platform that can service consumers 24/7 while keeping the operation simple and convenient, so what makes an e-commerce website the best choice?

In Singapore, it’s difficult to find a commercial space with suitable areas while those businesses with outlets would like to get customers that is not just from Singapore itself. Having an e-commerce website can overcome limits regarding difficulties of owning a physical outlet or attending to consumers from worldwide.

One of the concerns of having a physical outlet is that it can incur a large sum of money such as space rental and manpower. An e-commerce website on the other hand can help you to save those money as you wouldn’t need to rent a place for it and you wouldn’t need a lots of manpower to moderate the website.

An e-commerce website can serve customers every day, no matter if its day or night, and the website is simple to use for moderators and customers alike. Manage your website contents such as products and its inventory with just a few clicks while customers can check-out and make payment easily and safely through online payment terminals.

Visible One has a strong background in Ecommerce website design in Singapore . For years, we are providing Singapore businesses a range of robust e-commerce solutions. Our team has a solid grasp of the e-commerce market and regulations in Singapore. When you choose us, we will advise on you on the best ecommerce platform, choice of payment processing, and logistics. Essentially, we help you streamline your e-store for the Singapore market.

Focus on your core business and leave the responsibility of designing and launching your e-store to our professional team!

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