How to Choose The Right SEO Agency in Hong Kong

How to Choose The Right SEO Agency in Hong Kong

With a lot of companies in Hong Kong engaging in Internet Marketing, there is no doubt that there is a huge competition happening in the country. If you own a business and run a website in Hong Kong, taking into consideration that the digital marketing landscape is rapidly evolving, you should have the right marketing plan in place, to stay afloat with the competitive online market. One of the foundational element of online success is Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

What is SEO?

“Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.”

SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines.

SEO is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time, energy and money. That is why it is crucial for businesses to find a reliable SEO agency in Hong Kong to do it for you. You need to invest to get the ball rolling.

So the question is..

How to choose the right SEO agency in Hong Kong?

  1. Determine your goals and objective



In every business, determining goals and objectives should always comes first in strategic planning. Setting goals and objectives is an effective way of ensuring you’re headed in the right direction. So before hiring an SEO agency, sit down with your team and figure out the goals and objectives you want to achieve. Clarify the purpose of hiring an SEO agency for your company. For example you want to rank as number one in search engine results, increase exposure or boost revenue. Keep in mind that SEO is not a task where you see results overnight. It’s a slow process that requires consistent effort. So make sure the goals and objectives you set are specific and measurable.

2. Research the best SEO agencies



SEO is important to your business so the choice which company to hire is going to have a huge impact to your business. There are a bunch of SEO agencies in Hong Kong all claiming to be able to get your website to the top of the search engine results and boost revenue. This makes it hard for you to choose the right on.

We’ll make it easier for you. First, research all the best SEO agencies in Hong Kong. You can search for terms such as “Best SEOs Hong Kong” or “Best SEO consultants Hong Kong” or “Best SEO companies Hong Kong”. Mostly, all reliable ones appear in the first page of search engine results. Because if they don’t appear in the first page meaning they don’t have a good SEO strategies as they don’t rank well in search results. Another good sources of referrals are your professional networks, similar non-competitive companies and industry insiders as they might have experience the service of the SEO agencies they would recommend. You can list 4 to 5 SEO agencies for you to compare and choose from.

You should also assess which kind of agency you want to work with based on this factors:

  • Your Budget
  • Agency Expertise
  • Agency Culture
  • Agency Size

Having your goals and objectives and an idea of the kind of agency you want to work with will help you make the process more refined.

  1. Conduct a background check

Once you have the list of the best SEO agencies, visit their website and conduct a background check of their company profile. It is important to see if they have the requirements your business needs. First things first, look at how these companies has been in business. The longer the agency has been up and running indicates their level of experience. An if they’ve been in the business for so long means they have served many clients already.

You also need to check at their portfolio to have a better understanding what type of businesses they serve. In their portfolio, you can see some of their past and current clients and you need to take note of those related to your niche as they can be a good reference for you. For example, if you are furniture company and the agency has worked with a number of other related companies. You may read through their testimonials, online reviews and outstanding success stories to know what other people saying about them. These will serve as third-party opinions to get better impression as to whether they’re might be a good fit for you.

Do your homework, focusing on the SEO company’s integrity, willingness to work closely with you, quality of work, and legitimate business practices—practices that meet your own quality standards.

  1. Review the website of their existing clients

Check out their current clients related to your niche and try to examine if these agencies have provided great results for them. How would you know? In the search engine, type in the keywords you believe their audience is searching for, and see if these clients’ website pops up. If yes, that means the agency used the right targeted keywords and an effective SEO strategy. Then, click in to the clients website one by one. Review if the content of their website are optimized properly with the right keywords.

If you think their existing clients are satisfied with their service, that’s a good signal.

  1. Schedule a Consultation

Now, it’s time to summarize all the researches done, examine and pick one from the list if which agency is best suited to your goals and objectives then ask for consultation. Most likely, they’d love to serve in developing a competitive SEO strategy in line to your requirements. 

Remember, no matter how good or professional an SEO agency, the results does not happen overnight. It takes three to four months to see transformation of your website. While it’s true that SEO can have a dramatic and long-term effect on your site, it’s also true that good SEO takes time, and that people who want to enjoy all the benefits SEO has to offer will do best to be patient and understand all the various factors that come into play in an efficient SEO strategy.


The right SEO agency can increase chances of ranking your website on top of the search engines and reach new customers. While poor SEO agency will damage your rankings and your lead generation strategy. So it’s better to spend longer time looking for the right agency rather than rush into things and compromise the growth of your business. You get what you pay for so be careful in choosing.

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