i.Timex Professional HRM System

Time and Attendance made easy – Saves Time, Effort and Money.


Introducing i.Timex Human Resources Management System. A professional and versatile human resource management system that caters for businesses of all sizes and industries including manufacturing, retail, and hospitality, featuring a user-friendly graphical user interface and an integration of the client/server and browser/server models, and packed with numerous features including human resource management, time and attendance, access control, video surveillance, and mobile time tracking.

i.Timex in a glance

  • Free mobile app for Android and iOS users.
  • Online Time-in and Time-out anywhere in the world.
  • Combination of standalone version and web version.
  • Employees could apply for leave and access personal time and attendance records via the Internet
  • Superiors could approve leave applications and perform employee scheduling via the Internet
  • Remote video surveillance on employee time and attendance by administrator(s).
  • Suitable for medium to large enterprises or businesses with the need for remote management

Powerful Features of i.Timex HRM System

Other Features

Multi System Integration

Multi System Integration

i.Timex offers a multi system integration solution that integrates human resources management system, payroll system, access control system and surveillance system into a unified platform for ease of control, monitoring and management.
Easier Search for Information

Smart Lookup Tool

i.Timex provides a convenient and time saving lookup tool (a magnifying glass) in which allows user to search, update & create information at one control point without access different windows to complete the task.
Leave Remind

Leave Reminder

i.Timex rostering tool features with leave reminder function that can be used to remind the roster builders when staff are not available to work. This function is designed to minimize the time wasted by roster builders trying to lookup the leave records to find out whether the staff are available at specific times and on specific days before finalizing the roster.
Secondment of Staff

Secondment of Staff

i.Timex allows a staff temporarily assigned to work for another department. During the period of secondment the secondee is under the management of the host manager. Host manager is responsible for assigning roster to secondee and handling secondee’s leave request.
Access Control Management

Access Control Management

i.Timex gives you complete access control at all time. Various time zone & door groups settings can be done. Assign individuals to door groups & time zones based on access needs and security levels.
Improving Efficiency

User Friendly Navigational Interface

i.Timex features a more user-friendly interface, which means easy navigation and menus that are well labeled. i.Timex users enjoy fast access of data, which saves time in attendance management. Cutting edge user interface design techniques are adopted to create a contemporary, attractive, user-friendly and simple user interface, with graphical navigation for key processes.
Report Generator

Report Generator

i.Timex’s report generator is the strongest report engine in the industry. Built with SQL-Based technology, providing a dynamic reporting environment with the flexibility to handle all the features needs of your growing company for years to come. Report data can be previewed on the screen, or sent to printer. In addition, i.Timex can export report data in several file formats such as PDF, Microsoft Excel, or Text. With web-based and real time attendance reports, i.Timex provides proficient and successful time clock tracking and management in your workplace. Attendance profile of staff is accessible by managers from any computer with an internet connection.
Video Surveillance System

Video Surveillance System

With the seamless integration of surveillance system, photo ID and data from the access control system can be easily combined on the video data from DVR. Security personnel is able to monitor important access point with real time in-out records and associated video playback. With photo ID function, staff identification and video comparison eliminates the buddy punching problem.

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