Social Media Stories: The New Art of Storytelling

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Social Media Stories: The New Art of Storytelling

Due to their growing popularity, social media ‘Stories’ have become a trending storytelling formats today. Storytelling is an effective content strategy that enables marketers to build a deeper level of connection with customers.

The “stories” format pioneered by Snapchat has now become a staple of the social media world. First Instagram created Instagram Stories, and now YouTube has released a stories format of their own called “Reels” has became the latest in a list that also includes Instagram Stories, Twitter Moments (in a way), and Skype Highlights. 2018 is sure to be a big year for stories, with even WhatsApp joining the fray. Each offers unique features and presentation, but they all follow the same concept.

For businesses, stories offer an effective way for marketing on social media (with video especially). Social media stories is a great way to capture real-time moments, current events of your company or even behind the scenes of what’s going on with your business. They are meant to be a source of real and raw content for viewers to show that your business has nothing to hide.

One of the biggest benefit social media stories can offer is that it can increase engagement with your followers as it show your company’s transparency. Since stories are treated as a separate channel from your social media feed, you can continually share photos and videos with your followers throughout the day without clogging up your profile or news feed.

With stories giving audiences more visibility into your company’s culture, it can help build trust and connection with them. Social media audiences today want to feel like they are part of the whole. Share with them what they want to see about your business through stories.

Stories provide brands endless updates of their features to engage with their customers in a new possible way. For example, Instagram offers a variety of ways how you can capture video (even in rewind) and allows marketers use simple text and stickers in creative ways.

Today, stories are beginning to take the place of posts on many social networks. In fact, the amount of stories on social media has increased 842 percent in the last two years. To keep your brand ahead of the curve, it’s time to think about stories as an integral part of your social and content marketing strategy to reflect changing consumer desires.


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