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Mobile Advertising Dominating in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is said to be “one of the most digitally enabled in the world” and “the marketing services capital of Asia”, where a full range of services can be found. According to a study from SMPC, digital advertising in Hong Kong is now dominating the overall advertising market and is growing at an annual 10 per cent. The adspend increased by 4.5% in 2017 to HK$41.9 billion with mobile media showing the fastest growth. It is forecasted that mobile [...]

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Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

Marketing is an indispensable part of any business which one cannot ignore. You may be struggling about deciding which kind of marketing is best for your business. Should you go with digital marketing, or stick to the tried and tested methods of traditional marketing? Although both have their own perks, it can be tough to choose one. What is traditional marketing? Traditional marketing is a conventional method of marketing has been used by companies for years with proven success rate. It [...]

Choosing The Right Digital Marketing Agency in Hong Kong

In an rapidly changing digital landscape, how do you know which digital marketing agency is the right choice for your business needs? With the uprising number of reputable digital marketing agencies in Hong Kong, it’s seems to be a quite challenging task for you to find one that suits your business requirements. The best way to ensure you establish a partnership with an agency that will bring results, is to find one that has a good track record of doing [...]

Development of Digital Marketing

As we observe online marketing environment today is rapidly been changing. Different kinds of techniques can be used now then it may not work for the next few months. It becomes a cycle and it changes very fast. Keeping up with the trends in online marketing should be a full-time job. Customizing Client experience increases the engagement of your audience, as well as the business engagement online. It can come in the form of commerce or content or both; the [...]


The Competitive Advantage of Ecommerce for SMEs in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known as a regional trading and services hub where commercial activities take place every day and night, serving both local and international companies. These commercial activities are supported by Hong Kong's excellent telecommunications and information technology infrastructure. According to a report, Hong Kong offers a promising environment for the development of Internet and electronic commerce. The world is moving rapidly into the digital realm each and every day, and ecommerce has become more important than ever of [...]

Digital Marketing: A Huge Opportunity for Businesses in Hong Kong

The Information and Communication Technology or ICT and the new medias are the latest avenues for digital marketing. The huge growth of the internet and mobile economy in the region especially in Hong Kong has led to the gush of demands for digital advertisements and marketing. Geographically, Hong Kong is the perfect hub and a way in to tap the huge success of digital marketing and advertising in the Asia Pacific and China. It is also one of the most open [...]