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Increase Your E-commerce Site Performance through Better Product Categorization

Product categorization may be one of the most important, as well as the most difficult to set up on an eCommerce site for the comparison-shopping engines. Most eCommerce site owners know that the better the product categorization, the more potential customers will visit, stay longer on the site and browse for more products that will bring traffic, which will increase revenue in a big way. E-commerce sites require a special amount of detail and an exceptional user-friendly experience for site [...]

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The Importance of Ecommerce in Businesses in Hong Kong

We are seeing a key advancement in the commercial use of the internet over the past twenty years which has contributed to the evolution of ecommerce in Hong Kong. From business to business deals to business to consumer, and that is the start of the emergence of e-commerce. After the recession in the year 2008, the consumers heavily relied on online shopping because of the convenience of it. They also use it for products that is not available to [...]