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3 Ways Google Plus Help Small Businesses

Google Plus (Google+) is the second most popular social networking platform after Facebook. In fact, Google+ is estimated to have over 2 billion registered users world-wide. Your Google+ page represents as your brand's identity online. The first thing to know about Google+ is what makes it different. In addition to the sharing and upvoting (in this case, “+1’ing”) that you may already be familiar with, Google+ has a unique “circling” concept that allows you to segment the people you connect [...]

Effect of Page Speed on Users

Have you ever wondered about the effect of slow page speed of your website on users? Page speed is a measurement of how fast the content on your page loads. Page loading time is obviously an essential factor of any website’s user experience. Today, users have little or no patience for websites with slow load speed or poor performance. With so many sites at their fingertips, users will choose to stick into a websites with fast page load time rather [...]