The Importance of Ecommerce in Businesses in Hong Kong

The Importance of Ecommerce in Businesses in Hong Kong

We are seeing a key advancement in the commercial use of the internet over the past twenty years which has contributed to the evolution of e-commerce in Hong Kong. From business to business deals to business to consumer, and that is the start of the emergence of e-commerce. After the recession in the year 2008, the consumers heavily relied on online shopping because of the convenience of it. They also use it for products that is not available to the country and enjoying the perks of having it delivered right to their own doorstep. We can therefore conclude that many businesses, regardless of size, can benefit from having their own e-commerce site.

The major use of internet as an “online shop” has created a vast opening for the aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own business through the use of e-commerce. The e-commerce has brought a new technique in terms of selling different products online mainly in retails, distribution, logistics, imports and exports of goods.
E-commerce means offering products or services to every people with busy lives and those who wants convenience. E-commerce can be used to expand your range of products for sale in the internet, diversifying and increasing sales.

Running a well-designed ecommerce website and a quality product is an important method to get brand awareness from the online landscape by using the correct keywords in your contents that are augmented for your audience. Getting more brand awareness means driving more traffic to your website and as your website gets more visibility, people will become aware with your business brand and reputation thus generates more conversions and future sales.

E-commerce website can also help your business save financial cost, it offers lower transaction costs; reduction in advertising and promotion costs; rapid communication between buyers and sellers; ability to reach new customers; shortening the traditional supply chains, including minimizing transport obstacles and reducing delivery costs; and eliminating physical limitation of time and space. An empirical research shows that small and medium enterprises that has adopt e-commerce perform better in terms of sales and revenues than those businesses who does not adopt it.

Having an e-commerce website is an effective way to level the playing field with your competitors, you just have to select a good digital agency who offers the best e-commerce tools and techniques to make your business shine in the internet than the others.

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